near2there Button for Websites

Add the near2there button next to any location content that your readers would benefit by referring to later, whether a great shop for clothes or a new restaurant. This button will add your place to your reader's near2there mobile app, alerting that reader when he/she is near. It will bring your content to the readers fingertips exactly when it is most useful, when standing in front of the place.

By clicking on the near2there button readers can:

The near2there button is made to look and feel like the Facebook and Twitter buttons your readers already use. For best results, place the near2there button near to the address or map of the location.

Adding near2there to your site is easy.

It can be added to sites on an article-by-article basis or it can be added to your content management system to show it for all location-related content.

If you’d like to add it to your content management system, please contact us at to get the code for your site.

To add it directly to each post simply:

  1. Type in the name of the place and the address in the box below,
  2. Click the “Create Button” button,
  3. Copy the code snippet next to your address in your site's source code or share a link.

name of place
address of place

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