How do I create a near2there account?

To create a near2there account, you need to install the near2there app on your phone.

Presently, the app is available for free on iTunes and the Android Market. Please download this app to your phone and follow the registration instructions.

Once you have done that you can sign in to the near2there website using your mobile phone number and your password.

Then you can create placemarks on the web and we will automatically sync them to your phone.

How do I add the near2there placemarker to my browser?

Simply go to the “service” page of the web site, drag the “Install Placemarker” button to your browser toolbar and click “ok”. (If your browser is Internet Explorer, right-click the button below and choose "Add to Favorites...".)

Please make sure that your browser settings do not block popup windows.

How do I create a placemark using the near2there placemarker?

To create a placemark for a location using the near2there placemarker, simply go to the page where the location is listed, highlight the address, and click on the placemarker in your browser. You will then get a popup window. You should then type in the name of the place and any other details you like. Then click “Add.” This will save this location to your account with a link back to that page.

How do I create a placemark using my phone?


Click on the "Add" tab on your phone, fill in the details and then click "Create."


There are two ways of creating placemarks on your iPhone.

The first way, “near here,” is for locations near to where you are at that time.

Click on the “near here” button on the input screen or click on the upper right icon on the “placemarks” list screen. This will first find your location and then produce a list of places it found in your area. If the place you want to save is in that list, tap on that name and the place will be saved to your account. If the place you want to save is not in that list, type in the name and near2there will save a placemark for this place.

The second way to create placemarks is for locations that are not near to your immediate location. Click on the “elsewhere” button on the input screen or click on the upper left icon on the “placemarks” list screen. This will give you an input screen. Here you can type in the name of the place and the location. If the location is a listed business, you can simply type in the name of the business, the city, state, and country (if it is located somewhere outside of the United States). Near2there will then try to find the exact street address and populate it for you. If this does not work or if you are saving a place other than a listed business, you will have to type in the full street address.

When will I be alerted for event placemarks?

When a placemark has a specific time and date as in the case of an event, you will be reminded when you are near to the location starting 48 hours before the event until the event is over.

When the placemark does not have a defined time, you will be reminded when you are near to there.

How near do I have to be to get a placemark?

Within the options you can select the "search radius." This is the area around you that the app will search. It ranges from 1/8th of a mile to 20 miles.

(Android only) There is also the default "Speed dependent" setting. This increases the radius searched as you move faster. When you are walking in a city, it will search within a few blocks. When you are driving in a car, it will search within a few miles.

Is there a way to set a placemark so that it does not alert?

If you want to keep a placemark on your list but not be reminded when you are near to there, you can de-select the option "notify when nearby" in the edit screen of that placemark. Naturally, you can go back and re-select it when you do want to be alerted.

When I am driving, I don't want to have to look at my phone screen. How do I know which location is being alerted?

(Android only) In the settings there is an option "Alert sound." In this you can set it to "Voice." This setting will give you a voice synthesized alert.

Can I use this service overseas?

If you have not opted for data roaming, you will still be alerted when you are near to a location, but, if you are not connected to wi-fi, you will not be able to add new placemarks from your phone or view maps.

If you do opt for international data roaming, you will be able to use the full service including maps. Please note that international data roaming charges are often very expensive.

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Last updated December 28, 2011